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Lyrics: Nasty C - There They Go

Intro) Ooh, woah, there they go, they, they, Nasty CSA(Chorus) There they go, eh, south side, there they go eh There they go, eh bands, there they go, bands, bands, bands, wow There they go, eh, gangstas, there they go, eh Why your neck green, cos that ain't diamonds and that ain't gold There they go,...

[Album] Joyner Lucas - ADHD

ADHD is Joyner Lucas' second studio album which was first reported on his Twitter on October 12, 2018: This venture is my huge Fuck YOU to any and everyone who never figured I wouldn't make it this far. Huge Fuck YOU to anyone who hindered me and crapped on me on my way up. The child with "ADHD" did...

[Album] City Morgue - VOL 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD

If you’re looking for something extremely over-the-top this morning, there’s a new City Morgue album out. City Morgue, the New York rap duo of ZillaKami and SosMula, take all the face-tatted Fuck-shit-up tendencies of the young SoundCloud rap scene, and they blow that stuff way the hell out of proportion,...

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